back from the land of the non-living.

been a while since i last posted here.  i don’t even want to remember when my last post was.  that i’ve almost forgotten my login credentials is testament to the length of time i’ve been off-blogging.

much has happened, but nothing of interest.  at least not earth-shatteringly abnormal enough to make me go back and post my thoughts — however incoherent they are.

there are two things i wanted to “share”.  first, the good stuff.  a perfect circle has “reunited” and will perform a few shows in the US.  (i swear i live on the wrong side of the world.)  now how to get a visa and the money to afford a plane ticket, the concert ticket and decent housing and food are seemingly rhetorical questions.  fun.

next is the not-so-good news.  well, it’s not bad, so i’m terming it as that: not-so-good.  shouldn’t really come as a surprise, since i already had an inkling.  anyway, just a few weeks back i had a 2d echo because my sister was worried over the murmur that was supposedly getting louder.  (or something.)  results?  mitral and aortic sclerosis, tricuspid regurgitation.  but all seems normal, i think, except for those seemingly big words. hey, i don’t feel anything more than a chest pain at night.   (and i didn’t even know i was experiencing chest pain then — just awakened to the weird feeling that someone must have been sitting on my chest, this someone heavy enough to immobilize me.   i thought it was a psychic presence, and i was trying to break free by sheer force of mind lol.)  but sister wants to be doubly sure i’m all right (yay for doctor sisters!), so she had me undergo ECG and chest x-ray.   results on thursday, and appointment with heart doctor on saturday.  yippee-yi-yay.

unconcerned?  yes, i am.  i mean, sure, all these internet stuff say that it increases my risk of a heart attack.  but i’m 30!  not exactly a health buff, but i don’t have weight concerns.  i should be okay — possibly a little readjustment here and there for additional vitamin/mineral intake, but that’s it.  not going to have thoughts of doom…. that supposedly according to the internet my symptoms are those for 40 years or older.

yeah, yeah.  good plan, me.


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