Smart Defrag.

Trying out this new defragmenter, Smart Defrag on my mom’s laptop. Aside from the “normal” defrag, it features two other options: the fast optimize and the deep optimize. I’m using the defrag option at the moment, and I’m fascinated by all the blinking colors, haha. But really, I’m looking forward to the promise of a faster computer, since mom’s laptop is a bit slow (Windows XP Pro running on 256 RAM… with 10 mb used as VRAM, hmm) and preinstalled with Norton antivirus.  (How resources-hungry can you get?).

If it works great, I just might uninstall the Diskeeper Lite on my own PC (incidentally, I’m typing this bit on my PC… and the monitor isn’t pukish yellow!  It is a bit blurry, though. Haha, I’m too lazy to go out and buy a new monitor) and install Smart Defrag here, especially since I’m getting annoyed about the constant check DKLite does.  And maybe on my sister’s laptop, which has Auslogics Disk Defrag.

And what’s great about all the defragmenters I’ve mentioned is that they’re free. 😀

Now if only there were a Life Defragmenter, I’d be set. 😛

You can download the installer from the author’s site or from MajorGeeks.Com (from which I downloaded mine).


2 thoughts on “Smart Defrag.

    1. I’ve used both Linux (I can’t remember which type,though) and Mac OS9 and OSX before, but all the systems I’ve bought came preloaded with Windows. (Old habits die hard, I guess! :D) I’m thinking of switching to ubuntu, but while I’m still using Windows I think this defragmenter works fine.

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