Born Pretty.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

My favorite Hollywood pretty boy is featured on Yahoo! Movies.  I beg to disagree with the author, though:  I fell in love with Brad Pitt because of Interview with the Vampire.  (I was fourteen, haha!) The icy eyes totally won me over.  And the long locks were icing on a pretty cake(-y face).  Legends of the Fall solidified my fall, and his Greek-god hotness was evident in Troy.  (If they’re going to cast him as Thor, I’m sold.)

The author said he got the girl in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but I think it works both ways.

I adored his geeky-boy look in the little-known movie The Favor. I forgive the author for not including that seemingly obscure movie, but where is Meet Joe Black?  I wouldn’t mind tempting death if he looked like that.

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