Twilight beats The Dark Knight on ROI.

Edward Cullen v The Joker
Edward Cullen v The Joker

The Dark Knight is the highest-grossing movie of the year, but Twilight beats it on the returns. High School Musical 3: Senior Year did well, too.  Movie studios can thank the teenage market for this year’s trend: slew out low-budget flicks, cast attractive young stars, and voila! – box office success.

Of course, Twilight has a rabid following, but doesn’t Batman as well?

I still haven’t watched Twilight, but I’ve read the saga.  It’s a winning story, so I’m not surprised by the massive following it has. Although my friends (who were the ones responsible for my biting the Twilight apple) who’ve seen the movie went home disappointed…. so I’m thinking I’ll just catch it on video so as not to expect too much from it. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Twilight beats The Dark Knight on ROI.

  1. This is pure bull-sh-t. Politics. Oh wait a minute! We’re talking about MTV movie awards! *laughs hysterically* MTV Movie awards are as about important as Teen Choice Awards. Who cares?!

    BATMAN DARK KNIGHT is undeniably the best movie of 2009. And I hated TDK ok? lol. But even I can see clearly what is and what isn’t regardless of my taste in movies. Twilight was a such TV movie quality watch. I couldn’t bare to bother to see it from beginning to end. It wasn’t terrible but to have beaten TDK??
    You have got to be kidding me. Just goes to show the majority don’t tune into MTV anymore. Because MTV sucks. Do they even play music videos at all anymore? *leaves*

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