29 and Fighting: A Young Woman’s Battle with Cancer.

The Christmas season has always been a time to rejoice for most everyone.  For my good friend since grade school, it was extra special because amid the flurry of Christmas activity, she was also busy preparing for her wedding the coming year, January 3.  Christmas and weddings are joyful occasions that provide their respective “inconveniences” (shopping for Christmas gifts and looking after wedding preparations), and should have been a handful on their own. But the Universe played a sad twist by adding to her already full lap: she has cancer.

But Jops has always been a fighter, and she wants every young woman to know more about this illness.  The more prepared we are, the better chance we get.


Please also read the thoughts of her fiance. (He’s also a dear friend.)  It’s one of the most poignant things I’ve read (especially the last two paragraphs), perhaps because I know them, and I’d probably sound corny and mushy (which I am), but what he’s written makes me believe that love is the most powerful and most beautiful thing of all.


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