Critics turn into valkyries.

Cruise in Valkyrie
Cruise in Valkyrie

Tom Cruise gets pummeled in this review of his latest movie Valkyrie, but I’m still going to watch the film because it stars Tom Cruise.

Call it fanaticism or maybe a morbid fascination to learn for myself just how bad it was, but I’m not about to let a Tom Cruise movie pass by without watching it for myself. I’ve always felt that the pretty boys get so much flak for being, well, pretty boys, that they’re acting chops just get overlooked.

Although I must say that I’ll be watching this movie with trepidation, because I haven’t really watched “period pieces” starring my favorite pretty-boy actors and come out liking them — mostly because I’m affected by their affected accents. Fortunately, Tom doesn’t affect one here, so I don’t have to contend with that.

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