A break from all the entertainment.

This should not be here, if only because I told myself I’m supposed to separate my personal thoughts from the ones regarding the entertainment field. But there are times when posting about “interesting” news (and I place that in quotation marks because interesting is such a relative term) could take their toll sometime, and all you want is to take a breather from it all.

Sometimes your resolve weakens, and this is the result: A personal meandering on a blog that I have decided should be dedicated to what’s new on the entertainment field (and my take on it, as a bonus sometimes 😛 ).  Perhaps it’s due to the constant evaluation of the benefits of using one free online blogging service over the other, and the constant revisions and innovations made by either that makes you wonder which would ultimately the best (and the answer that there isn’t any, really —  it all depends on what you need it for).

For some reason, I feel more “mature” when I write here, than in my other blog — maybe because the other blog is really a diary of sorts wherein I just write, write and write without editing myself.  This one forces me to be more choosy on what I write, because it has a more integrated community.

And therein lays the rub: I love this blogging service for the instant audience it provides, although sometimes I wish for more flexibility in using scripts and the like.  But I totally understand the reason for it, because scripts are such security risks.

But yes, there are times when I really love the loneliness of my other blog, especially now that I have it hosted on a place where it wasn’t before. There are times that I don’t want just anybody to read my posts.

Let me post this now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel differently, especially since I would have had more time to mull over things.  Perhaps.

But still I want the consolidation of all my blog posts — a project to which I haven’t been able to devote my time.


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