Of authors and pirates.

Paulo Coelho is okay with people pirating e-versions of his books, even providing a link to a blog that lists the links to such pirated works. I applaud Mr. Coelho for doing this, and moreso his reason for doing so. As he stated in his blog: “I think that preventing people from sharing ideas and thoughts is what impoverishes the world. Not the opposite.”

I’ve also downloaded a few pirated ebooks myself, but I don’t get to read them because reading onscreen is not as satisfying as having the real thing in your hands.  I must admit that when the latter three Harry Potter books went on sale, I read the ebooks first, but I bought the hard copies the year after they were released (when the paperback versions came out – although I don’t have the seventh one yet since I’m collecting the Scholastic releases).

But I do put my foot down on the “advanced copies” of unfinished ones, like what happened to Stephenie Meyer‘s Midnight Sun. I’m sorry it was put on hold, because I was very much looking forward to reading Edward’s point of view. (I’m actually just a new fan, having just finished reading Twilight and New Moon about a month ago.) I’m just happy that there’s the movie version of Twilight — maybe Robert Pattinson would be able to get Edward’s point of view across in the meantime.


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