Emotive: What’s Going On?

APCs Emotive
APC's Emotive

I didn’t want to listen to Emotive that much before, because having been so enamored with Mer De Noms, I felt let down by Thirteenth Step.

But trust me to swallow what I’ve said after really giving myself the time to listen to the albums. Mer De Noms is still the best, Thirteen Step the second, and Emotive the last. Emotive being an album of covers, some material were familiar, and I actually enjoyed the rearrangement of some of them. My favorite is Passive, which was also used in Constantine. The other ones I like are Imagine, (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding, and What’s Going OnWhen the Levee Breaks is about to break through.  Maybe a few listens more…

And I’m “reviewing” it now because it relates to my previous entry, for some reason (which I haven’t really clarified in my mind yet). Oh well.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia. View the Wikipedia entry here.)


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