Paging Mr. Nolan…

It seems like The Dark Knight craze isn’t about to die down anytime soon. Already, there’s been talk on who’s going to be the next villain — and who’s going to play it — on the next Batman flick. They’re thinking Riddler, Penguin or Catwoman. Seems like there’s a dearth of Batman villains, huh? I remember these folks have already been dusted off by Batman at one time or another:

  • Val Kilmer‘s Batman placing Jim Carrey’s Riddler in Arkham in Batman Forever
  • Michael Keaton’s Batman dusting off Danny DeVito’s Penguin and letting go of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in Batman Returns

Maybe we can have a Robin this time? I think Christopher Nolan and his crew can write a great storyline for him.

What’s more interesting are the actors that’s coming up as favorites in the Batman Fanboy list:

  • Johnny Depp as Riddler
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin
  • Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Amy Adams and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Catwoman

Notice anyone familiar? Yes, Maggie Gyllenhaal is in The Dark Knight as Rachel Dawes (replacing Katie Holmes who played the role in Batman Begins). Seems like the fans want to rewrite Selina Kyle’s history. Powers That Be, please don’t! I personally like the idea that the characters created for the movie have been killed off or else let go.

I honestly think Angelina Jolie would be a good Catwoman. (But then she’s also the Tomb Raider, so maybe she’ll be taking on too many roles?  But if Ian McKellen was well-received as both Gandalf and Magneto [and at times mistaken as Professor Dumbledore 😛 ], what’s stopping her and the movie execs, right? 😀 )  Philip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin is a good choice, too, but Johnny Depp as Riddler… Well, if they have plans of including Joker in the subsequent movie, I think Johnny’s the only one who can bring the same intensity that Heath Ledger did to that role.  Or yes… Cast Johnny as both Riddler and Joker! (Maybe just don’t promote him as playing both roles.) It would be interesting to see what Johnny could bring to the Riddler role. As much as I like Jim Carrey, his Riddler was just over the top.


One thought on “Paging Mr. Nolan…

  1. i still wish Katie Holmes had stayed on board as Rachel Dawes for the Dark Knight; it was like the time spent getting familiar with her character in Batman Begins was wasted…

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