An awards night held in the afternoon.

I should’ve been studying for my Evidence midterms, but I was intrigued by the SONA that I found myself in front of the TV at odd times this afternoon. Besides, that was the reason classes were called off today, so I reasoned out that I might as well do what I was supposed to do.

Okay, I’ll come clean. The real reason is because I overheard from Tambalang Failon at Sanchez (TFS) about the latest SONA gimmick: red carpet. I swear! The first time I heard of a red carpet being rolled out here in the Philippines was during the premiere of Ruffa Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama’s movie My Monster Mom. And I couldn’t believe it even then. But then this was Ruffa we’re talking about, the same person from the Pantene commercial that positively stated, “As an actress, a mother, and a celebrity…”  Okay, okay.  I will grudgingly admit that she’s a celebrity, since her acting skill has not yet, erm, manifested itself. But really – when I think celebrity, I think famous personalities known the world over.  But I digress. I’ll concede that Ruffa and her mom can have their red carpet, since they did have a movie they needed to promote. And the red carpet is just for that purpose: to pose for pictures and get interviewed, hoping against hope that come morning the showbiz talk shows and blogs don’t bash the gown you’re wearing.

But for the SONA to have a red carpet? What is the Philippines coming to?

But I should have known that the red carpet treatment would be justified. The red carpet is usually rolled out for movie premieres and showbiz awarding ceremonies. Well, the SONA did sound like an awards night with someone thanking just about everyone, perhaps since there’s nothing else positive for her to say.


2 thoughts on “An awards night held in the afternoon.

  1. you’re absolutely right! Ruffa, Anabelle and other celebrities, actors, singers can prance around in their gowns and dresses on the red carpet! after all their business is SHOWBIZNESS…whatever happens the say…THE SHOW MUST GO ON!
    For politicians to prance around displaying their gowns is a bit TH especially hose na walang name. Fo me the most elegant was Ms. Loren Legarda. She used Filipino designers and materials like pina na gawa pa ng mga mahihirap na kababaihan. Well done!!!

  2. Haha, I was actually a bit surprised that she had to explain her outfit and her bag (although I must admit the bag is really nice — splendid workmanship from our kababaihan! :D). I think they’ve heard that some are criticizing the whole event, especially since they all kept saying that they’re going to recycle this or that gown or barong… 8-}

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