Bale on bail.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

One of my favorite actors, Christian Bale, has been charged with assault by his mother and sister in his native UK. He’s now out on bail after having been arrested after the premiere of his box-office record holder The Dark Knight (which incidentally I haven’t watched – reminiscent of how I waited for a year before I watched his first Batman movie Batman Begins [even after having scoured the internet for everything Batman, haha!]).

So sad, so sad. I really hope the assault isn’t true… and there was just some sort of misunderstanding. And for the sake of the Bale women, I hope they didn’t suffer any major injuries, if indeed the assault were true.

Anyway, I’m scared stiff of watching The Dark Knight, because I expect it to be really good, especially Heath Ledger’s performance. I remember having expected a movie to be really good, and then being disappointed because the movie didn’t exceed my expectations (apparently I expected too much).  But but but — Bale’s first Batman movie didn’t disappoint me, notwithstanding my high expectations.  So here’s hoping that lightning strikes twice.

And I’m very much ready to be wowed by Heath’s last performance. It’s freaky that in my mind I relate his role as the Joker to Brandon Lee’s role in The Crow — dark roles wherein their actors succumbed to death afterwards. In Brandon’s case it was accident on set.  In Heath’s, well, I’m thinking the role disturbed him too much that he needed sleeping pills to let him have a few minutes of physical rest.

I’m looking forward to watching the movie this Friday with a dear friend (she on her second), but that will only happen if we both could afford the tickets. Man, it seems I really haven’t been out to watch a movie for a long time – the ticket costs 180 bucks now? I think the last time I paid something near it was when I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Greenbelt – 150 to 170, I can’t remember how much exactly.

And it’s on IMAX. 😦  I want to watch it on IMAX. Siiiiigh.  I missed out on Superman Returns before (of all movies!), but at least I was somewhat able to redeem myself by watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the big big screen.  Siiiiigh.


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