Collision Course.

I almost collided with the dean as I was going to class.  I’m sorry – my attention was caught by my dad’s honking.  I thought he was signalling me to come back, but apparently he was signalling to the driver behind him to get out of his way.  And the honking must be a signal for me to get out of the dean’s way. 😛

I seem to be in the way of a lot of people.  Over at the library, I felt that someone was behind me, and that someone could have probably thought that I was the slowest slowpoke alive.  I’m sorry – I was still quite asleep (maybe that’s the reason I could have collided with the dean).  I moved to the center of the stairs… Lo and behold, it was the secretary passing me by.

What is it with me and the biggest guns of the college and the fact that I’m almost literally in their way?  Maybe this is the sign for me to get out of the way — of the college itself.



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