Tal and Duncan.

Ooh-la-la, I’m typing away again. This is some kind of addiction for me right now, so pardon me. )

It’s a new day (it’s two minutes past midnight by my computer clock), so it is “tomorrow.” Haha!

Just a quarter of an hour ago, I was listening to Tal Bachman’s She’s So High. For those who aren’t familiar with that song, it’s included in the soundtrack of the Jason Biggs-Mena Suvari starrer Loser.

Actually, kudos to the iCeMaN for being so nice as to give me ALL (and do I mean all, he placed 20mb worth of mp3’s on my hard disk) his mp3’s. There were some rare finds, She’s So High among them. You have got to listen to the song. It’s cool. If you like Duncan Sheik pre-Phantom Moon, you’ll definitely enjoy this song.

Oh, now I’ve mentioned him: Duncan Sheik. He’s also one of my favorite alternative acts. I have loved most of his songs — from the poppy, mainstream tracks from his self-titled debut album (think Barely Breathing) and second album Humming (think That Says It All — incidentally, the song is also included the Three to Tango OST) to the deeper, darker Sater/Sheik lyrics of Phantom Moon and the “more-fun-than-my-previous-release” Daylight.

Actually, I was kind of wary of Daylight because of the single On A High. No offense to those who like that song, but I just find it so… nauseating. But then, how could I have forgotten that Memento was on it? It was the first song off Daylight that I heard. Actually, I got the internet leak, so before Daylight was even named “Daylight,” I was already swooning to Duncan’s crooning voice while he sang Memento.

But I’ll save all my comments on Daylight when — make that if — I write a proper album review.

This one’s pretty long, so I guess I won’t have time to include my musings on Dirty VegasDays Go By, The Calling’s Unstoppable, and Gary Jules‘ poignant version of Tears For Fears’ Mad World. There’s a perfect reason I’m saying those songs in one paragraph — they’re songs featured in Smallville. I’m not sure if all of them are included in the soundtrack. We’ll just see once I get hold of the Smallville OST. (Yes, I still don’t have it! Shocking, isn’t it?)

Okay, since I’m putting down my next blog topics, I might as well include here that I’ll also be delving on Rob D. He’s the master techno/electronica/rave guy who makes both Matrix soundtracks oh-so-delightful. Actually, I’m not sure of the differences among techno, electronica, or rave — or if they’re just three terms for one type of sound. It’ll be a while before I master the music classifications.

Come to think of it, I think it would be better if I write an article about my musical evolution: pop, ballad, glam rock, new wave, alternative, techno, rap metal, rave… Been there, done that. I would even go so far as to say that I ventured into indie music. Well, Badly Drawn Boy is indie for me…

So till then. Keep on raving or rocking or chilling — what matters is that you enjoy the music you listen to.


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